Robert J Calvin

Over the last 30 years, Bob Calvin has divided his time between starting new economy ventures and buying old economy enterprises.

He is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

In addition Bob is the President of Management Dimensions, Inc. an international consulting firm, whose clients range from the Inc 100 to the Fortune 500.

As a serial entrepreneur, academic and consultant, he combines hands on knowledge and experience with the most current theories.

Robert J Calvin

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Entrepreneurship Demystified


This online course is provided at no charge to practicing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our only request is that you register to watch the classes that interest you.

We promise you knowledge and knowledge is power if you use it.


Introduction outlines the subject matter covered in Entrepreneurship Demystified.

Overview discusses the Entrepreneurial landscape and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur.
- 60% of all new enterprises fail within the first two years of their existence.
- Does your entrepreneurial venture take advantage of its size, speed, flexibility, and customer intimacy?

The Proven Formula For Success discusses ten ideas, disciplines and processes that separate success from failure in Entrepreneurial ventures.
- Can your management successfully deal with changing markets, customers, competition and technology?
- How do you leverage limited human and financial resources and information technology?

Growth Busters discusses avoidable mistakes that inhibit success in Entrepreneurial enterprises.
- Can you successfully manage long complex sales cycles and short product lives?
- Are you pricing to maximize dollars of contribution margin?

Business Plan discusses why we write Business Plans, how we use them and the topics to include.
- What information does your business plan include on management, customers, markets, competition, products/services, sales and marketing, operations, financial statements and pro formas, critical risks, timetable of major events, executive summary and mission statement?

Financing discusses sources of debt and equity to use at various stages of your entrepreneurial venture and how to approach these sources.
- Do you know how to find and evaluate a lawyer and accountant?
- Do you know how to target and successfully approach banks, angels, venture capitalists and private equity investors?

Upcoming Classes

Differentiation discusses how to differentiate your products or services from present and future competition.

discusses how to correctly identify target customers and markets.

discusses techniques to determine proper pricing that maximize dollars of gross margin.

creation discusses inexpensive old and new economy techniques for creating demand.

discusses creating a cost efficient and effective sales organization and marketing approach.

controls discusses key financial and operational controls to monitor results.

New product creation
discusses best practices for innovating rather than inventing successful new products and services that meet a need in the market place.

summarizes why most entrepreneurs fail.
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